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Funkmob 420

Review 01/16/99 From: Dr.Brookenstein

FUNKMOB 420 (Part II) in NYC Imagine a group of funk musicians that make up about 15% of the P-Funk Allstars, but has twice the intensity of the Allstars......THAT'S RIGHT P-FUNKATEERS.....YOU GUESSED IT.....THE FUNKMOB 420!! ALRIGHT FUNKATEERS, LEND ME YO EARS AS I'LL TELL YOU A TALE. PICTURE THIS: It's 8:50pm and the FUNKMOB 420 band takes it to the stage with a little spacy funk may know it, the Eddie Hazel space jam workout "What About It?" (from his first Warner Bros. album, released in 1977...some may remember the Funkadelic vocal version "Clone Communicado", featuring dialogue by the Uncle Jam label president Archie Ivy) Clip announces the next song, which is one of the biggest killer tunes of the show, "There's Nothing Before Me But Thang"......which is a funky piece of psychedelic rock with a country/western slant! Every ass in the joint gallops to the fast-paced rhythm, while Mike Hampton gets down with those smokin', "country-twang" guitar licks!! My homey, Mike, can make a Garth Brooks song sound downright funky!!!! Unlike the OSMIUM album, the 420 FUNK MOB band does the verses somewhat in a subdued manner, but rock the shit out of TRAMPS during the bridges!!! "Trash-A-Go-Go" is the next heavy-duty thrash-metal funk tune that sets the energy level of the club past the level of ten atomic bomb explosions!! Again, Mike Hampton is the cause of this atomic blast, with some highly unstable vibes radiating from his GOOD-tar....we have FALLOUT, people!! "Funk With a Big Foot" is an excellent funk track with tight-ass drumbeats, courtesy of Enemy Squad's Gabe Gonzalez....what a good piece for the 420 band because keyboardist Gregg Fitz performed on it back in 1977 with the group QUAZAR. "Adolescent Funk" is a nice, moderately-funky number with a slow groove, but it doesn't compare to "Naked". "Let's Take It To The People" and "Naked" were very good, the former being a uptempo, Mike Hampton guitar-funk tune. The latter, "Naked", features some funky vocals by the crazy fool himself, Clip Payne. Gregg Fitz provides the smelly key chords and the song itself is a nasty, slow-paced sleazy-funk tune with the sexually explicit chorus line, "I never saw you naked, with your booty up in the air!" The other killer song, "Let's Take It To The Stage" is performed so damn well with bass and rhythm guitar licks that really surpassed the studio version, thanks to Lige Curry, Mike and Cordell "Boogie" Mosson. Gabe kicks ass with some killer drums on "Better By The Pound". Of course, Kidd Funkadelic smokes up the club with some lethal guitar funk on that tune and the next song "Red Hot Momma". Special thanks to Lige Curry for his extra-funky "bass-ics" on "Red Hot Momma". The show ends at 9:50pm. I meet the fellas backstage and I run into the Brides own Sheila Horne......and boy, does she look great!!! Starr Cullars is in the house, chilling with her other half, Lige. I stay to check out Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers for about 15 minutes before going home. Chuck Brown is very, very good.....he performs the blues track "Stormy Monday" and it was smokin'! By the way, James Brown covered that tune back in 1974 for the album, HELL. The FUNKMOB 420 personnel: Stozo Da Klown (Ronald P. Edwards) Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton Lige Curry Cordell "Boogie" Mosson Michael "Clip" Payne Gregg Fitz Gabe Gonzalez

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